Kuna Historical Society

Kuna History Center
329 Main Street

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
11:00 am to 2:00 pm
or by appointment

P.O. Box 84
Kuna, Idaho 83634

Contact: Dave Lyon
Phone: (208) 861-9131

President: Dave Lyon
Vice President: Barbara Charles
Secretary: Christine Cole
Treasurer: Skip Critell


To Find Answers to the Following Questions
Visit the Kuna History Center at 415 2nd St
Open 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Where was the Kuna Train Depot Located?
When was the Depot Built?
When and Why was it Removed?

When was the Kuna Water Tower and Tank Built
and How Much did it Cost?
Is it still in use today?

What do the three Kuna Schools below
have in common?
Why could we call two of them "snake bit"?
Visit with us to find these answers and more!

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